Flight Pass Option - Buy One Flight Pass, Fly Many Trips and Save upto 50%

Travel has become a need of one and all. While most of us can call ourselves an avid traveler, we always have an affinity to a few destinations due to multiple reasons. The reason can be anything like Business, Family, Recreational, Spiritual, Educational etc. The need of regular travel is always there however the cumbersome process of flight booking, ensuring it is in budget and going through the same process every time makes it a real big deal. The newly launched Flight Pass Option targets all the above mentioned pain areas and elevates your over all travel experience.

The flight pass option enables the customer to book and lock in a price for a number of trips, on a single routing or across a number of destinations, in peak or off peak periods with the flexibility in flight booking and pass sharing amongst a group of users. The multi-layered benefits of Flight Pass Option (FPo) makes multiple travel an exciting affair which is cost effective and a lot more convenient.

Flight Pass Exclusive Benefits:

Of course you would be curious and like to know about several things related. Do I save on my air-fare? Yes, you save upto 50% on your fare price. Do I have to spend extra time browsing and booking it? Not at all, instead you save a great deal on time and efforts by customizing many prospective flights at once. To what extent can I customize my travel with it? You can select the desired place, date, time and number of users for multiple flights at once. Can I share it with my family and friends? Of course, you can share it with all of the members mentioned in your Users list.

Don't know where to start? Follow few simple steps and buy Flight Pass Option.

Step 1 - Visit Optiontown website and click on "Flight Pass Option" tab. As you would like to purchase a Flight Pass fill the search query form as per your travel needs under "Buy Flight Pass".

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Step 2 - As per your search, the available pass options will get displayed on your screen. Select the most suitable pass basis your preferred Travel Zone; Number of Flights and the Validity period of the pass from the available options. With every move of the cursor you can view the Pass details. If you like any of the available passes go ahead and hit "Buy", else can further modify the "Search" or can click "Customize" to modify the specific pass.

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Step 3 - By clicking on "Customize", you can further customize your flight pass by setting the parameters like "Advance Booking", "Travel Flexibility", "Users" to maximize your comfort and convenience.

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Step 4 - Review your Pass inclusions, If fine login to your Optiontown account or create one.

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Step 5 - For your ease you have instant as well as Flexible Payment Plans. Select the one suits you, update the payment details and confirm. A Congratulation message will appear on your screen for "Flight Pass Option - Purchase Confirmation" confirming your pass purchase.

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Follow a few simple steps to book flights with Pass.

Step 1 - Visit the Optiontown website and click on the "Pass" tab. If you would like to book a flight, click on "Book Flights" under the Pass tab and log in.
Step 2 - Once you log in, you'll be able to view a personalized window with more details. Under "My Pass" you'll be able to view all your pre-purchased passes.
Step 3 - To book a flight, fill in your travel details, including your starting location and destination; whether it's a one-way or round-trip journey; the number of passengers; your preferred departure date; and possible Travel Flexibility, in order to receive the most relevant results for your flight search.
Step 4 - View the Flight search results and select the minimum Number of Flights you're required to select to qualify for final booking. 1 of your selected flights will be confirmed.
Step 5 - Review your flight selection and add the names of all the passengers. You can change your flight selection by selecting "Modify Selection" or else click "Confirm" to go ahead.
Step 6 - Review your final selection. If you agree with all of the details, accept the "Terms of Service" and click "Confirm" to book. A message indicating that your flight booking was successful will appear on your screen and you will receive an email with your booking.
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